Lawmaker accuses Governors of frustrating financial independence of legislature, judiciary

The member representing Bosso constituency, Hon. Malik Madaki Bosso has accused the State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello of frustrating the financial autonomy for the legislative and judicial arms of the state government.

Bosso who made the allegations in Minna mentioned Nigerian governors had been persistently showing citizens that they’re the modern-day emperors and not democrats.

The lawmaker stated if governors are allowed to get away with the constitutional breaches, then the future of democracy was not sure.

“It is a constitutional challenge. It’s in section 121 of the constitution. If that they had anything against the availability, they should have opposed it through the constitutional amendment as a substitute for placing us in this quagmire. If they are going to chose which section of the constitution they’ll respect or not, then we’re heading into anarchy”.

Malik stated if ordinary citizens can be jailed for breaking local government bye-laws, he doesn’t see why governors should be allowed to stroll free for breaking the supreme laws of the land, which was contained in the constitution.

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He mentioned the following amendment that needs to be achieved within the Constitution was to remove immunity for governors.

“if immunity clause is removed from the Constitution and the judiciary and legislature had been fully granted autonomy and Independence, then the kind of democracy all of us desired will likely be entrenched and the impunity of governors shall be curtailed.”

He, however, called on the judiciary to get up from slumber to defend and shield the laws of the land, adding that he was totally in help of the industrial actions embarked upon by both the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN) and the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN).

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