Nigeria’s security concerns require immediate action from the government – cleric

Dr. John Yusuf Suberu, a prominent religious leader in Nigeria, has urged the federal government to take immediate and proactive steps to address the country’s security concerns.

Suberu said that, despite Nigeria’s tremendous human and natural resources, leadership has remained a key stumbling block since the country’s return to democracy in 1999.

The founder of Touch for Recovery Outreach International and the Dr. JS Yusuf Foundation, Dr. JS Yusuf, denounced the country’s habit of indiscriminately destroying lives and property.

While lamenting the country’s deteriorating poverty as a result of the weak economy, Dr. Suberu remarked that insecurity has persisted in Nigeria because the government has failed to conduct a vulnerability assessment to identify potential dangers to the people.

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Nigerians are concerned about imminent insecurity, according to the renowned preacher, despite assurances that adequate security provisions had been made for the production of an epic drama.

“It is the government’s role to ensure security for its citizens; it is their primary responsibility to protect lives and property. They are attempting, but they must increase Nigerians’ trust in the country’s security architecture.

“However, we are all Nigerians, and the government has made mistakes.” They are not going above and above. In terms of security, they need to do more.

“At the moment, Nigerians live and work in fear. Right present, that is the country’s general notion of security. It is a dangerous country.

“One of my responsibilities as a pastor is to pray. “It is prayer that keeps us alive,” he explained.

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He went on to say that as a small way of giving back to society, he chose to celebrate his birthday with the less fortunate.

“This meeting is to celebrate my birthday and distribute charity to the poor, like we do every year, but this year, it calls for sober contemplation on the intolerable situation that Nigerians face on a daily basis.”

“I understand how expensive things are in the market; I wish I could reach out to everyone in need to demonstrate how concerned I am, but I pray for you and Nigeria on a regular basis for things to improve and for everyone to have a life,” he stated.

On the agitations in some sectors for the country’s breakdown, the revered cleric urged those pushing for Nigeria’s breakup to reconsider, saying it is preferable for the country to remain united.

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