LG Poll: Gov. Sule Apologizes for the Elections’ Delayed Start

Abdullahi Sule, the governor of Nasarawa State, apologized to the state’s electorate yesterday for the delay in the start of the state’s local government elections, which were held across the state yesterday.

The state’s local government election was noted to have suffered a setback, as the exercise, which was slated to begin at 8 a.m., was unable to begin in most sections of the state due to a lack of election materials.

Polling units in the state’s Lafia and Akwanga Local Government Areas were desolate as of 11:45 a.m., with only security staff and a few of voters waiting to cast their votes.

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As a result, the governor, who voted at approximately 2:40 p.m., praised the state electoral authority, the Nasarawa State Independent Electoral Commission (NASIEC), for its efforts thus far.

“Undoubtedly, there are delays in the distribution of electoral materials due to logistical issues,” he stated. As a result, we would want to apologize to those who have come out to vote, since when there are delays and people are eager and ready to vote, it has a moral impact on them.

“However, based on all indications, you will find that I did not want my polling unit to be treated differently. So I responded, “Let’s make sure the materials are supplied to those places before my unit” if there are delays in some places.

“That’s why you see me voting practically at 2 p.m., because I wanted to make sure we did the same thing as the other units.”

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The governor claimed that the state’s council elections went through without a hitch in all areas, with only slight delays in a few.

“We guaranteed that the same method I voted will be followed in other places.” The governor continued, “It will be done in a very transparent manner.”

Concerning election security, the governor revealed that four people were arrested for swiping voting papers designated for Farin Ruwa in the state’s Wamba LGAs.

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