Stop ‘playing politics with the lives of our people and our ecosystem,’ says Nembe of Bayelsa oil spill

Following a month of waiting for a solution to the large crude oil spill from Oil Mining License (OML), 29 Santa Barbara South field hole 01, held by Aiteo Eastern Exploration and Production Company, Nembe has requested federal assistance (AEEPCO).

Despite Aiteo’s hiring of Boots and Coots to help plug the wellhead and control the spill, Nembe requested the government to compel AEEPCO to undertake full clean–up activities. Because of the tremendous pressure of the crude, the inhabitants of Nembe claimed they had not seen any effects from the efforts.

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The people of Nembe were represented by Prof Godwin-Egein of the Nembe Se Congress, who described the accident as the “largest oil spill tragedy in the history of oil and gas exploration and exploitation in Nigeria” and a threat to Nembe’s survival.

Prof Godwin-Egein stated, “Nembe Se Congress hereby openly declares our commitment to also form a group of experts to join the investigating effort in order to get to the base of this situation.”

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Mr Godwin-Egein was joined by other Nembe residents who carried signs that said, “Federal Government, accept responsibility for the unfolding calamity,” and “We want to die of old age, not oil spill.”

“We are using this means to warn all interested parties in this matter to avoid playing politics with the lives of our people and our environment, which are both under significant threat right now,” the professor continued.

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