Soludo meets Obi in Awka, says rift political

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s nominee for president, and Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, met on Thursday in the state’s capital city of Awka.

At the Thanksgiving mass held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in honor of Most Rev. Paulinus C. Ezeokafor’s 70th birthday, the two men first met and were afterward seen hugging and chatting.

People in the congregation watched in shock as Soludo quickly went to where Obi was seated and hugged him.

Despite their political differences, Obi is still Soludo’s brother, according to the former Anambra governor, who called the rift between them “mischievous.”
The governor had discounted the odds of the Labour Party candidate in the 2023 presidential election in an article titled “History beckons and I will not remain silent.”

The story sparked outlandish comments and criticisms around the nation, especially from the ‘Obidient’ movements, where the governor received harsh condemnation.

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They unexpectedly met as backlash followed Soludo’s remarks on Obi’s presidential aspirations.

However, few people anticipated that the two men would get back together so soon.

But after the Thanksgiving liturgy, Soludo said that he and Obi will soon be meeting to resolve their disagreements. He also noted that their disagreement was primarily political.
He also dismissed the rumour of $28m bribery allegations he allegedly collected to run down the LP presidential candidate, saying he would have been a trillionaire if he was into such.

He said, “Today is very special. When we came into the service, it was the first time, my brother, Peter Obi and I are meeting at a public event and in a Catholic Church which the two of us belong to. I think it was divine.
“When I came in, I quickly went to where he sat and hugged him, people watched with bewilderment as if it was a drama, asking if it was not the same people quarrelling.

“Let me tell you, we spoke two times, just last night. We are brothers. You know I am not one of those politicians that speak from two sides of the mouth. I can’t pretend. I am a politician, but also want to make heaven. I will keep saying the truth.

“There is no rift between Obi and me at a personal level. Nobody snatched each other’s wife. What appears to be the rift between us is fundamental political differences. Nothing else.
“So I asked them to bring it so I may use it to build roads for people using forgery, blackmail, and everything else, even the one they said I received a bribe to say what I said. If Soludo been interested in bribes, I would have been quite wealthy.

“We will meet in the coming weeks to discuss our basic differences. We’ve decided to talk things over and work out our disagreements. He unfortunately left. We must complete it. We are all for Anambra.

The governor acknowledged that Ezeokafor has had a significant impact on him and his government while giving thanks to God for his life.

“When you visited my village home in 2019 and chose not to drink the foreign wine that was provided to you in place of palm wine, you caused me to rethink my mind. The highest wine served at the Governor’s lodge nowadays is palm wine.

“The modest kind of car you drove to my residence also humbled me. You informed me that you made the decision not to go in a car that was significantly more expensive than the norm for the people you are leading. I consider this to be excellent.

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You can see some of the inspiration I drew from you when you see me drive Innoson vehicles. I would have been riding my bicycle to work if it weren’t for security.
“Since it cost us more than N137m to clean offices when we first arrived, we are going above the level of caution you instructed us. It now only cost about N11m. I can only pledge to spread the word worldwide.
Obi left the Thanksgiving service before it was finished, so he did not speak.

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