About Us

MMultiplatform Digital Information Technology (MDIT) is a limited liability company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC No. 1819720 with its registered address at Old Karu Road, FCT Abuja. MDIT is a full-service information technology (IT) firm that provides a wide range of digital services, including premium web designs of all types; web hosting; domain registration; search engine optimization (SEO); digital and online marketing; automated programming; video editing; video coverage; business and company branding; business name and company registration (CAC); Company/Business promotion; production of a one-minute advert; documentary production using drones and high-quality cameras; MCR/TV/Radio Studio setup for Livestream;  Digital Training; and so on.    


Our services bring you up to speed with the absolute best of your business and assist you in connecting with customers around the world.

Our Target

We provide our clients with digital concepts that will assist them in establishing and maintaining their enterprises so that they can carve out their own niche and possibly overtake competitors.

Multiplatforms! is that singular company that best understands, and satisfies the desire, services optimally helps you attain self-fulfilment needed for all ministries, department and agencies of government, companies and the private sectors.


Multiplatforms provides 24/7 support systems. Our ways of meeting all the needs of our clients are mostly via whatsAPP and email.


Multiplatforms train clients on how to handle their sites updates, setup their livestream to spread across their social media handles and also provides one to one client relationship

Content Management

Multiplatforms will handle all your content needs from advertising, copywriting, to blog posts and sales enablement materials.


Let's build & promote your company for you. Bringing your business across to all social media, televisions, radios, blogs, news portals and browsers.

Need quick job delivery?

Our platforms will bring the best of your business to the World and help you achieve your goals.