Terms and Conditions

  1.  It will take between 30minutes – 60munites to get your site hook online.
  2.  Complete your form online when making an order, after that pay at least 70% of the total amount for your order.
  3. All payment should  be completed as we are rounding up building your site order wise your site should be put under construction until all the payment is completed.
  4.  Make sure your money is readily available before making any order.
  5.  All payment should be made with your domain name, but in case of any payment made without your domain name, kindly write to us through info@multiplatforms.net, stating your details of payment for easy clarification.
  6. Our technical team are expert and dedicated to duties. Therefore, your job will be completed between 1 week – 2weeks except, your materials are not ready.
  7. Our team are also ready to assist you sort out information/materials for you, to help make the work easy for you.
  8.  If you would want us to redesign or transfer any site or maintain your site or any other technical issue, kindly write to our technical team through info@multiplatforms.net
  9.  During designing/building of your site, all the data and information needed should be submitted through info@multiplatforms.net.
  10. Note that when your domain expires, your site will be short-down immediately and 3 weeks grace will be given to you to renew your site, order-wise all your data and files will be deleted from our data-base.
  11. For general enquiries, kindly write to us through info@multiplatforms.net