Director's Profile

Chibueze Udume is currently one of the youngest best science authors in Nigeria and teaches chemistry, physics, and mathematics effectively. He was the first to formulate the mathematically coic principle of mass numbers and the coic principle of isotopes. Chibueze Udume is the author of the following books: Master of Chemistry; Quadratic Mentor; Physics Formulae, Without Obstinate; and Wisdom of the Wise. He has a degree in Marine Engineering. He worked with Anchorsafe Services Limited and Tide Water as an engine cadet officer for maintaining and servicing supply vessels DP1 and DP2-PSV. Have over seven years of information technology and networking experience. The head of the information technology department of a digital television network in Nigeria—TeleVision Nigerian—is also the head content writer for the UK-based Nigerian news portal and magazine — TheNigerian News. He is also an SEO expert, webmaster, digital marketing strategist consultant, CEO of Multiplatform Digital Information Technology Limited, and Director of CoicLimited. He has many professional certifications to his credit.