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Dear Sir,
I have taken time to go through with all the available resources. I have seen so far what has been done and the work in progress both and televisionnigeria youtube.
I want to start from there to ensure we achieve maximum result in no length of time.
As a director of coiclimited (, i want to let you know that i Know my work very well and i want to handle it efficiently. In order to achieve the company objectives, i want you to make the following available.
1. Laptop: In promoting a relevant information in social media, the Expert Social Media Manager has to target when the customers or social media users are always online and hit the promo, otherwise, it will be a wasted promo.
And also in a general view, a good website structure must be capable to pull in all the indexing with a high rank Search Engines and increase site traffic, which need regular monitoring. That calls for importance of the laptop.

2. Officially hand over the site structure and maintenance to me. Site is not only just to build it and let customers be visiting the front view (front end). It is more than that. Website is the base of all businesses. It controls all your social networks and provide high value and revenue to the company. During promo, Website provides 100% of the features of all the services of the company to the global word and ensure the rating, liking, subscribing is high. Promo in facebook, youtube and other social network is done one at a time. Which therefore means – to promote two videos, one has to run two promos, but for the promo on the website, when hence is done, includes youtube, facebook and other social network related to it. To lunch the promo, the internal and external stucture, focus keywords, readability, image siges and its alt and other relevant of the website has to be taken into cognisant
3. Facebook: televisionnigerian facebook page which was permenately deleted from the face book database was as a result of wrong steps taken and inadequate monitoring, regulating kind of information garbage in , or poor knowledge about the facebook policy. I do not want to go in detains about how to manage facebook but on how to move it forward.
The best option is either will recreate the televisionnigerian page and start afresh or use another available page if there is. I will make sure that such lost will not occur again.
4. Network Facilities: I need a network connection and data to run the services and maintenance while at home to enable me monitor all the site analysis .