Bottled up anger in Anambra community despite claim to return of peace

Illegal mining: Anambra community alleges plan to scuttle investigation

By Vincent Ujumadu – Awka

Tension is still mounting in Nanka in Orumba North local government area of Anambra State despite a peace meeting hosted by the traditional ruler of the town, Igwe Godwin Ezeilo, and the President General of the community, Chief Paul Chinedu last week.

During the meeting, Igwe  Ezeilo and Chinedu claimed that peace had returned to the community after years of squabble over the royal stool in the area.

However, some people from the royal family of Ezeokwehi/Ezeofor in the community, whose family produced the late Igwe Gilbert Ofomata, the traditional ruler that reigned before Igwe Ezeilo said weekend in Awka that there were still knotty issues to be resolved in Nanka.

National president of Ezeokwehi/Ezeofor royal family, Chief Ben Okeke and the assistant secretary, Mr. Wilfred Okafor told reporters that those who attended the meeting at Igwe’s palace were rented, insisting that misleading statements were dished out to the public during the meeting.

Their statement read: “We have carefully reviewed the press release issued during the meeting and we disassociate ourselves from same because the contents were false and misleading.

“It makes common sense that one cannot declare peace in a community amidst bottled up anger in all quarters. Peace is not declared; peace evolves. Peace sprouts out like a yam tendering.

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“Peace evolves and thrives where there is fairness, truth, respect to rights and justice. Nanka should be encouraged to develop these parameters for true peace to germinate. Peace does not lie in our mouths; it is determined by our attitude.

“We equivocally state that there is no peace in Nanka and the court cases, including the one bordering on fraud and altering of Nanka Town Union and Chieftaincy Constitution, 2011 with charge NO. AJMC/42/2017 are still pending.

. Is it not common sense to understand that a community that has from different indigenes and villages pending five High Court cases with Suit Nos: AG/159/2013; AG/185/2013; AG/171/2016; 0/MISC/1446/2017 and AG/74/2020 with respect to ascendency to the royal stool and the Town Union constitution, is in turmoil?

“As it stands, the public and patriotic Nanka citizens should not be hoodwinked by the same people that caused problems in the town and are still causing more troubles to satiate their ego.

They have refused to render account to Nanka people for over 25 years and will attack whoever that calls for audit.

“The Anambra State government should order them to give account of the money generated and being generated through launching, government subventions and monies collected as tolls from the markets, motor parks, etc.

“This disunity and upheavals have no special link to Ezeokweghi/Ezeofor Royal family whose members are being balkanized to blackmail it Let the dark forces stop fighting to illegally sweep the charges under the carpet or terminate its life prematurely.”

They appealed to Governor Willie Obiano, the chief Judge of Anambra State, the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, as well as the state director of public prosecution, the administrative judge of Aguata judicial division and the Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly to assiduously work to restore peace in Nanka in the interest of the people.

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