Declare state of emergency on rape, Igbo women urge FG

Police nab guard who rapes stranded woman in Ibadan

By Anayo Okoli & Chinedu Adonu

PROMINENT women group, Umuada Igbo, has called on the Federal and state governments to declare a state of emergency on rape and other forms of gender-based violence, saying that it would help to address the rising cases of the menace in the country.

According to the President-General and founder of Umuada Igbo, Nigeria and Diaspora, Lolo Kate Ezeofor, the ugly incidents of rape has become a cankerworm in the society and should be drastically and urgently tackled.

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Ezeofor who spoke to journalists in Enugu, lamented the rising cases of reports of children being defiled, saying that it has become a source of worry to parents and other Nigerians.

She called on the National Assembly to make a law stipulating stiffer penalties for rapists, insisting that they constitute a serious nuisance and embarrassment to the society.

“Rape is not good at all. Can you imagine a girl child; woman going on her business, a man jumps on her and start raping her without her consent?

“Sometimes, the victim ends up with a disease, pregnancy, or death. The lady is dehumanized and the trauma is there forever; the victim may live with it all the days of her life.

“I am calling on Federal Government, all the state Government, and National Assembly to really see what they can do to reduce rape saga. It is causing a lot of problems in society.

“The trauma on rape victims is too much; some of them are living with it for the rest of their life. I know that if the federal and state government come into it and make a law against rape saga, that the citizens will stop it”, Ezeofor said.

She also called on the governments at all levels to create job opportunities for the youths to keep them busy, pointing out that “an idle mind is devil’s workshop”.

“I am also calling on governments at all levels to see what they can do on youth’s unemployment. An idle man is the devil’s workshop. We have youths who have spent 10 years upon graduation without jobs. Let the governments create companies, training centers where youths can be gainfully employed”, she appealed.

Ezeofor also advised females to dress decently and urged parents to educate their wards.

“My advice to the male youths and men is to stop raping girls and women because if they place a course on you, you will never succeed in life. Be gainfully employed; do not wait for a government job. Keep your certificate in the pocket and one day it will be useful.

“For women, young girl, dress properly. Do not expose your body which is supposed to be covered. The way women dress contributes to rape cases; youths should practice self-discipline.

“For parents, do not allow your children of the opposite sex to sleep on one bed. Teach your girl child how to dress decently when they are still young so that they will know the importance of dressing properly. When you expose your pride to people, you will lose your value as a woman”, Ezeofor said.

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