Emerging rapper, Hotyce connects with hip hop legend Redman

…As they discuss fostering the African culture forward

K2O Entertainment is still strongly pushing it’s worthy agenda of expanding the Nigerian music and ensuring they play a significant part in spurring it’s evolution.

Previously, the label had conducted a couple of IG live sessions with different international icons. Most recently concluded, was one held with veteran Rapper Tahmac, concluding with a promise to have more iconic stars on.

Yesterday, Hotyce, the label’s artiste and a Headies nominated rapper, had a session with Redman. Redman is a Grammy-nominated rapper under Def Squad, he spoke with Hotyce  on several music centred issues  to including the death of Rap icon, Notorious B.I.G.

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The conversation saw Hotyce, who has for a while been fervently growing the Hip Hop Culture in Nigeria asking Redman which era he found most challenging. The ”Oooh’ rapper Redman,  stated that it had to be the 90’s as that was the year, adding that the Hip Hop game lost a lot of its acts in said year to include the legendary B.IGG and Tupac Shakur.

In a second, Redman went on to reveal one thing not many knew before now, he spoke to Biggie just two hours before the rapper got shot. Biggie was shot on March 9, 1997, bringing immense despair not only in the Hip Hop community but around the globe.



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