Fake military officer allegedly kills teenager whose parents asked him to discipline

I didn't mean to kill teenager whose parents asked me to discipline, fake military officer reveals

By Esther Onyegbula

A 27-year old fake military officer, Felix Osita Ezike who allegedly stabbed to death a teenager he was supposed to discipline in Ikotun area of Lagos, has revealed that he committed the crime out of anger and not intentional.

According to Felix, who is currently being investigated by homicide detectives attached to the state criminal investigation and intelligence department (SCIID), “Mr Dada Animashun contracted me to help him discipline his 19-year-old wayward son Deji because he taught I was a military officer. Anytime they saw me I was always dressed in military uniform.”

“Deji’s parents complained that their son had become a torn in their flesh as he had started stealing, sleeping outside their house and was living a wayward life. Believing I was a military officer they felt I could make Deji turn a new leaf”.

Narrating the incident that led him to stab Deji multiple times on Friday, August 28th, Felix said “this is not the first time the family invited me to discipline Deji. The first time I slapped and used cane on him. The beating sort of worked, as Deji started sleeping at home”.

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“However, few days later Deji’s character went back to default mode and he began to misbehave again. His parents called me again to complain about Deji. When I came asked Deji what he wanted to do with his life since he has stopped going to work. He said he wants to join the military. I informed his parents and they gave me ten thousand naira to purchase airforce form. After purchasing the form his parents asked me to guide him while he fills the form. When I took the form to their house Deji was nowhere to be found, his parents and neighbours searched for him to no avail. I had to spend the night at their house. It was the next day that, that his father brought him home. Before we began to fill out the form, I was questioning him on his whereabouts and he was acting up so I used horsewhip to flog him twice. Deji then used scissors to stab me at the back of my head and close to my eyes. Out of anger I took the jackknife in my pocket and stabbed him on his hand and on his thigh. As Deji was attempting to move his blood on the floor slipped him and he fell down and hit his head on the mirror. That was how he sustained the head injury. It was just the two of us inside the room, when Deji began to bleed profusely I raised alarm none of his parents was around, I called their numbers they didn’t pick.”

“So I had to get a Keke napep that took Deji to a hospital at Ikotun . Immediately we got to the hospital, the doctor said he was dead. I feel terrible, I regret my actions. I overreacted when Deji attacked me”.

Explaining how he got the military uniform and Jackknife, he said “my friend gave me the uniform and because I wear it always people think I am a military man. I bought the knife for self-protection when the street was very hot.”

Vanguard learned that the case was initially reported at Ikotun police station where the police arrested Felix and transferred the case to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti Yaba for further investigation.

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