Gbaramatu Kingdom rises alarm over carbon pollution

GYC President Ebikeme

Our livelihood, Water, lands others threatened, GYC President Ebikeme

Oporoza  community in  Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta state has rised alarm over carbon residue in form of black soot littered all over the ground in the community after a downpour yesterday.

The black substance which is suspected to be residues of carbon, arising from the after effects of pollution washed down by the downpour, made movement difficult and caused stains all over the community.

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According to the President Gbaramatu Kingdom, GYC, Comrade Shedrach Onitsha Ebikeme  “This is a terrible situation, something that has not happened before. It only goes to show the dangers we are in on this part of the world.

“We are calling on the government and other agencies, especially those that are Non Governmental Environmental agencies that have to do with environmental issues to please come see for themselves what is happening here and to probably collect samples for laboratory testing.

“What is happening here is a sign that we are no longer safe and that our health is in grave danger. The rivers are heavily polluted to the extent that fishing expedition is a waste of time as there are no fishes anymore. People have been suffering from hunger and starvation.

“We are calling on the government and those in authority to come to our aid and address some of the issues the kingdom has been facing. It is not a crime to be situated in an oil producing territory were others are reaping while we that are here are facing dangers. The pains we are going through because of oil is just too much as the government don’t seem to care,” he added.

Ebikeme stressed  that the livelihood of the people which is fishing activities in the river is highly threatened as well as their land and air they breath is exposing their lives into panic.

He noted that communities under Gbaramatu clan are not safe as a result of  the air people breath caused by the soot, he calls for more stringent action to be taken against pollution by oil companies operating  in the area.

“ we are appealing to the federal and Delta state government to come to our  aid as well as look into the issue of building modular refinery in that part of the Niger Delta in order to curb and drastically reduce the pollution experienced in the area.

“ we are  appealing to  the federal government and the  military  to find a better way of dealing with illegal bunkering in the Niger Delta as often times burning and spilling the products into the river also causes environmental pollution leading to health hazards and epidemics out break.


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