Joe Biden hails Trump-led Israel-UAE-Bahrain peace deals

Biden, aiming at Trump, says he won’t use military as ‘prop’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “welcomed” the signing of the “Abraham Accords,” which begin the normalizing of relations between the US and two Gulf countries in a deal spearheaded by the Trump administration.

In a statement released Tuesday, the former vice president praised the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain after they joined with President Trump to sign the historic accords.

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“I welcome the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain taking steps to normalize ties with Israel. It is good to see others in the Middle East recognizing Israel and even welcoming it as a partner,” Biden said.

The Democratic presidential hopeful pledged that if he is elected, his administration would “build on” the Trump administration’s efforts.

“A Biden-Harris Administration will build on these steps, challenge other nations to keep pace and work to leverage these growing ties into progress toward a two-state solution and a more stable, peaceful region,” the statement read.

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