Nigeria’s problems fueled by selfish agenda, says prophetess

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Prophetess Rebecca Inuwa of Light of God Covenant and Prophetic Assembly, Unguwan Boro, Kaduna, has said that the myriad of problems bedeviling the country are being fueled by selfish agenda.

Inuwa, who is the General Overseer of the church, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna on Saturday that Nigerians and those in positions of authority exploit religion and sectionalism to push their selfish agenda.

According to her, the country is experiencing financial crisis, poverty, and insecurity today because certain groups and individuals want everything for themselves.

She added that the selfishness of politicians, civil servants, and ordinary Nigerians, including clerics has hampered the country’s progress.

She said that Nigeria would get better “only if the people do away with selfishness and embrace peace, love, tolerance, and the collective interest of all.

“Our entire system promotes mediocrity over merit and promotes selfish interest over collective interest of the country.

“Nigerians must stop being selfish and greedy so that the country can move forward.

“We can only achieve our dream of a united and progressive Nigeria if we eliminate greed and selfishness.”

The prophetess said that the Light of God Covenant and Prophetic Assembly was in addition to spiritual upliftment, imparting the virtue of tolerance, peace, and love among members, and by extension, among Nigerians in general.

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She said that the church, which celebrated its third-year anniversary on Sept. 3, “has come a long way in building godly people that can make a difference in the country.

“Our members are being encouraged to love and to live in peace with one another irrespective of tribe, religion, and origin.

“Our members are being encouraged to embrace the collective interest rather than the individual interests such as selfishness, greed, and intolerance.

“We started as a Ministry in March 2017 with 266 members. We transformed from a ministry to a church on Sept. 3 of the same year and we have been waxing stronger.

“We thank God for the growth, the increase, as well as the positive change in the lives of the members as well as the church,” Inuwa added.

One of the elders of the church, Mr Bitrus Yakubu, urged Nigerians to imbibe the teachings of the holy books and live in peace and harmony with one another.

“Our problems will be gone if we learn to love our neighbours as ourselves and as God love us, a command contained in the holy books.

“There will be peace in our land if there is love and peace among neighbours,” Yakubu said. (NAN)


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