PDP disowns COVID- 19 fund in name of party, Funsho Williams

PDP disowns COVID- 19 fund in name of party, Funsho Williams

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Lagos State chapter, has disassociated itself from a purported COVID-19 Fund raised in the name of the party and its late stalwart, Engineer Funsho Williams. 
The party said the fund is the handiwork of those it called “disingenuous persons and groups acting in conjunction with some of members and chieftains of the PDP to tarnish the image of the party and extort money from unsuspecting members of the public.”
Taofik Gani, Publicity Secretary of the party in the state,  in a statement on Saturday, said the PDP did not approve such fund and vowed that the party will unmask and sanction those behind the illicit act.
He said, “The person or persons behind the acts will be exposed and reported to law enforcement agencies for appropriate actions. We so revere the late Funsho Williams, we continue to demand the report and arrest of his killers. We condemn and dissociate from ongoing so-called palliative contributions attached to the Party because the party has never at any time decided such. The persons behind this and other disgraceful actions also being investigated are hiding criminals that will be brought public very soon”
He said the PDP is a party founded on the ideals of servant-leaders, where leadership positions are reserved for those willing to serve “honestly and selflessly and not merchandise lords.”
“The offices of the PDP are for servants and not merchandise lords. Anyone who occupies office should not see it as an opportunity to get rich, especially at the expense of cheerful givers in society. It is part of our revolution within our system that scavengers, in whatever disguise, shall never be put in the position of trusts again”, he said.
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