PHOTOS: Leader of Africa’s first Economic War, Lambert gifts cars to faithful Ugandans

PHOTOS: Leader of Africa's first Economic War, Lambert gifts cars to faithful UgandansCharles N. Lambert gifting one of the faithful Ugandans a car

All are getting fired up at The Black Wall Street (BWS) house as Africa’s first economic war rages on.

The most generous, compassionate and brain behind the Africa’s first economic War, Charles N. Lambert has gifted some of the faithful Ugandans with cars as a thank you for their efforts in fighting for Africa’s economic independence.

Lambert gave out three Toyota salon cars to three lucky executors of the war at Black Wall Street house in Kampala.

In his words “Yesterday I shared the Word behind the War and Gave away three Toyota Salon cars to faithful executors of the Economic War. Africa first,”

Africa’s first Economic War led by Lambert is a WAR rooted in the word of God to liberate millions of Africans out of poverty and set a standard economic growth for Africans to be able to compete globally.

This Economic War generally is creating platforms for Africans to produce, sell, consume and promote everything made in the continent.

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Lambert who strongly believes that Africans can be economically independent without begging the westerners for aid, without importing goods calls on African private sectors to join the fight.

Different platforms and roles have been created under the Black Wall Street to be used as tools in the Economic War which you can also be part of without having to spend a dime but earn.

Read this article to find out about the different roles under the Black Wall Street platform that can make you a millionaire and also give you the chances of receiving a car gift from Lambert: Economic War: Here are 8 first roles of Black Wall Street platform that could make you a millionaire

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