Sensitivity is the tool that delivers mouthwatering dishes

…Winifred Emmanuel

The hands do bulk of the work in every cooking process.  They arrange all the recipes and deliver them in the cooking pot, but food blogger, Winfred Emmanuel, the founder of Zeelicious Foods, believes the hands have very little role in creating dishes that really excite foodies.

According to Emmanuel, who has been running the sensational food brand, Zeelicious Foods for about 3 years now, the most important part of cooking is the flavour and this comes from a combination of mind and senses.

“it’s not just the work of your hand, it’s a work of a whole lot of components, your nose has to come to play; of course, your hands do most of the work but it is not your hands that create the flavour or delicacy you are making, it is about your sensitivity; Your mind must come to play, without your hands you can’t do all this too, but your mind and sensitivity are great tools in ensuring a mouth-watering delicacy”, she says.

With the flavours oozing out of her culinary endeavours, Winfred has had to create a many followers on YouTube, making her brand, Zeelicious Foods, a renowned partner with You Tube. Narrating her journey with YouTube, she says it started when the company noticed the success she was making with her posts on the video-sharing platform.

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“When I discovered YouTube, I felt that was the platform I have been waiting for since TVs are not coming for me because they don’t believe in me. I created a channel on YouTube and created contents that have to do with culinary art. I put out tutorials, and amazingly when I started, the goal I set for myself was to get 5,000 subscribers in the first year, but amazingly, in 6 month, we got 50,000 subscribers and in one year, we were in 100,000; it was amazing; it happened beyond my imagination, and I noticed that as I was growing, I got the attention of the YouTube company.

They called me because they just moved into Nigeria at that time, they called me to their events, they saw the success of my channel, as time went on, they started featuring me in their contents, I have been to a couple of countries through YouTube. They gave me an award for reaching 100,000 milestone subscribers. My next target is getting 1million subscribers. I will be there soon”, she says.

Winfred, an Economics graduate from the University of Lagos, who hails from Anambra State took to her passion, cooking when she was posted for the compulsory National Youth Service scheme.


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