Sujimoto explains 400% ROI in 2 years offer


Sujimoto Construction CEO, Sijibomi Ogundele, has said that 400% return in 2 years for investing in LeonardoBySujimoto is real, describing it as a great opportunity for ambitious investors.

Ogundele affirmed that the projected ROI is not a mere hype but a reality anyone who buys into LeonardobySujimoto project will enjoy.

Speaking with Vanguard, Ogundele explained that it is Sujimoto’s policy of putting value maximization over profit maximization and that investors will actually get over 400% because, by the time it is completed 2 years from now, LeonardoBySujimoto will cost $3million USD as against the $650k which it currently sells for.

He said, “First, the Leonardo is not just your regular high-rise building, it is a fully automated luxury waterfront project with a world-class interactive lobby – first of its kind in Nigeria, Indoor Virtual Golf, Standard IMAX Cinema, award-winning Zaha Hadid Bathroom, Luxury Crèche, Private Salon, world-class SPA and other record-breaking features and facilities.

“Picture this, a 3 Bedroom at the Leonardo is currently selling for $650,000 USD. Upon completion in 2 years’ time and considering the kind of features and facilities we are bringing into the Leonardo, this same 3 Bedroom will sell for $3million USD, giving you over 400% ROI! The nicest and most expensive 3 Bedroom apartment on Bourdillon Road and Eko Atlantic are selling for $3m USD. What we have designed is 3 times better and 3 times cheaper.

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“In 2018, when we launched our recently concluded GiulianoBySujimoto project in Banana Island, a unit sold for N280 million as off-plan. Upon completion, this same project is currently selling for N600 million, giving investors over 200% ROI in 2 years! The Leonardo is 20 times bigger with more features and facilities that will rival and outclass most 5-star hotels in the world.

“There are 3 types of people in life, the Optimist who sees a huge investment opportunity in the LeonardoBySujimoto and buys numerous units off-plan; the realist who knows the Leonardo is an incredible investment opportunity but is skeptical, waiting for some external validation, only to realise months later that the prices have increased by 50%; and the Pessimist who never sees how a real estate investment can yield 400% ROI.

“At Sujimoto, we’ve built our foundation on Quality, erected our pillars on Integrity and made Luxury the driving force of who we are.

“In 2016 when the economic recession halted the LorenzoBySujimoto project, none of our investors lost their money as we returned over half a million dollar. Even though we lost a lot of money, but losing investors’ money was non- negotiable, because the bank of credibility is too expensive to withdraw from, as TRUST is her CURRENCY

“It is rather unfortunate that we live in a country where people have lost the enthusiasm to dream and every great opportunity is seen as a scam, too incredible to be true. However, it is also interesting to note that within the last few months, we have sold more units in 5 weeks than we have sold in 5 years of our existence.

“The Leonardo is offering discerning investors a whopping 400% in 2 years, a return on investment that not even gold, treasury bills or cryptocurrencies can boast of! With Treasury Bills and Fixed deposit at 3.5% ROI annually, where would you rather invest?”



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