Water Resources Bill: NASS owe Nigerians duty to avert catastrophy – Okon

Senator Anietie Okon

By Harris Emmanuel

Elder statesman and former member of the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Anietie Okon, has lent his voice to the controversy surrounding the contentious National Water Resources Bill, warning that Nigeria will be doomed if the National Assembly passes the bill.

According to him, the onus lies on the National Assembly to jettison the “evil” document and save the nation of the impending catastrophe, describing it as a deliberate attempt at recolonizing the country by the Fulani hegemony and oligarchs.

Okon, a former Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), said “Buhari is trying to get the bill by stealth and that’s the lowest form this government can fall to. This shows the lack of empathy for people other than the president’s people.

“It is obvious that they are casting some eyes of evil possession over the waters. When you claim a river, you claim it’s banks because this is the most fertile portions in the country.

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“They want to use his people, the Fulani people but that will be the end for his people, for Nigeria. I dare him to send the National Assembly to pass that bill of iniquity.

” When you believe that your government owns any piece of land, owing to the rights to deploy them anywhere, then you are in for a surprise.

“This is a backdoor approach to reintroduce RUGA, but RUGA itself will die. The national labour leaders have spoken. Leaders of PANDEF, UMBC have also spoken. Leaders of the South East have spoken through Ohaneze and other groups and that the President wants to dare the people and we are going to be ready for them.

“As I said, it’s a law of impunity and it has to be stopped. Every member of the National Assembly has it as a duty to stop the conflagration that will follow this rubbish.”



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