Woman wants estranged husband prosecuted for defiling 3 daughters

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By Egufe Yafugborhi

Worried Mrs. Christaina has urged the Police in Rivers state to prosecute her husband, Uchenna Tobias, for allegedly defiling three of their daughters.

The mother of four alleged that the husband, currently detained at Elekahia Police Station, Port Harcourt, had been estranged for years and only joined her in Port Harcourt this year after pleading her forgiveness for past indulgence in the same act.

She narrated yesterday that, “When my first daughter who is ten years now was just two, when we were in the village, I caught him penetrating the baby with his finger. I raised alarm, running to his mother to lay a complaint.

“He and the mother beat me up, flogged me with a cutlass, that I should shut up and not spoil the family’s name. I was shocked but even women in the village warned me not to say it in the open, that it’s an abomination.

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“So he continued. In 2017 he did the same thing to our second daughter when she was also two. I caught him. He beat me up and threw me down from upstairs. I was rescued by a neighbor, he was arrested and billed to be prosecuted.

“Why in detention, he was threatening that he would send people to shoot me. My sister living at Obigbo advised that I leave him in detention and relocate. He got bail after six months, traced me to where we relocated, pleading that he has changed.

“I decided to forgive him and we moved down to Port Harcourt. Then in the month of February, he formed a habit of beating me up, telling people he is avenging my reporting him to the police for molesting my child.

“May this year, I went to the market and a neighbor who was helping to bath my five-year-old daughter discovered she was injured on her private part. I returned home and found her private part swollen. She was afraid of telling who did but after beating her, she confessed it was her Daddy.

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“When he sensed that I was aware of what had happened, he disappeared from the house, not saying where he went. He returned August from nowhere that his mother instructed him to take the children, including the toddler of nine months.

“I went to Doctors Without Borders at Ogbunabali whose result confirmed defilement to two of the children in the latest acts. I want him prosecuted. My life is not safe as he knows I am aware. He attempted it with my first daughter at two. The ones he defiled now are our second and third daughters.”

The Spokesperson, Rivers State Police Command, SP Nnamdi Omoni, was yet to respond over the matter, but the suspect is said to remain in detention at the Elekahia Police Station, Port Harcourt.



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