14 Reasons Nigeria is still where it is today

Though we are celebrating Nigeria at 60, the country has many issues militating against its growth and development.

Though one can say that the country has recorded some achievements over the years, but as a country that is celebrating its 60th anniversary, Nigeria is long overdue to be among top 3 best countries in the world, considering the natural endowment the country is blessed with.

Below are the reasons Nigeria is still where it is today

Bad governance/leadership

Bribery and Corruption

Insecurity: Terrorism, militancy, banditry, Kidnapping, thuggery, raping and armed robbery


Tribalism/Ethnicity, Lopsided appointment/employment

Economic/Political marginalisation

Election rigging/vote buying

Talking without action

Desire to cheat your colleague, neighbor or brother

Poor education, health facilities

Rate of unemployment

Lackadaisical altitude of leaders/ masses




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