EFCC Youth Ambassador Obidike chides corrupt NASS members, Governors, Ministers

Youth Ambassador to the Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC Chukwuebuka Obidike has appealed to Nigerian leaders; the National Assembly members, Ministers and Governors to shun corrupt practices and give selfless services to the country.

Speaking at a press conference held in Abuja, Obidike decried the sordid state of the nation, accusing some National Assembly members, some state Governors and ministers for decay in the polity and developmental backwardness in the country.

He stated, “Corrupt practices has become one of the most assailed factors in explaining the failure and underdevelopment in Nigeria. This is not without cause. Corruption is one of the most prominent elements militating against the proper marshalling of resources in Nigeria. The stench of corruption permeates almost every space in Nigeria and has made the country and its systems sickly and unhealthy. Corrupt National Assembly members, Governors and ministers hinders development in Nigeria.

“The fight against corruption is everyone’s responsibility, the government, the citizen and even the international community as a result of the fact that they are guilty of money laundry for most government officials in the country. But the people’s commitment would be difficult to secure if the leaders who are calling on them for sacrifice do not make sacrifices by themselves.

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“Why are our infrastructural facilities including roads, power, schools, hospitals  among others are in such a calamitous situation? Corruption has done an incalculable harm to the progress of Nigeria as a country and the effects have been far reaching, including negative international image, lack of legitimacy for government, violence and political instability, erosion of social values including the culture of hard work, social trust, respect for others, especially elders and the weak, etc.

“Resources are inefficiently allocated and companies that otherwise would not be qualified to win government contracts are often awarded projects as a result of  sharp malpractices.”

The Youth ambassador also noted that corrupt tendencies can lead to an uneven distribution of wealth as small businesses face unfair competition from large companies that have established illegal connections with government officials.

He mentioned that government officials, even un-elected ones, live on trust and retaining the confidence of the people is crucial to their survival, while saying that public confidence is important to the smooth functioning of government. “Unethical behaviour on the part of government officials lead to loss of public trust. A government cannot function effectively, if the public believes that its officials are corrupt, even if they are not,” said Obidike.

Speaking further, he stated, “The general perception in the country today is that corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of government at every level and in every agency of government. There are increasing expectations to promote good governance, integrity and transparency in the public service. Thus, public functionaries should not just be people of integrity, they must be seen to be so.

“The majority of Nigerians are pleased with the initial policy actions of the civilian administration. Nevertheless, we should keep an eagle’s eye on the legislature, because some of them are corrupt. Nigeria still lives in the history of the future. The way our history will be written depends upon the extent to which and the manner in which we leaders and the people strive to shape our future. There is a lot of unknown in the society. Though we might not be able to foresee what the remote future has in store for us, we own ourselves the duty and responsibility to stamp out corruption by standing up for a corrupt free Nigeria,” concludes Obidike.



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