Electoral malpractice, vote buying, serious crimes, warns EFCC Youth Ambassador 

…as he urges electorates in Edo and Ondo to stay clear of corrupt politicians

A youth ambassador to the Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC Chukwuebuka Obidike has appealed to Nigerians to shun election malpractice and promote transparency, access to information which according to him, will increase responsiveness of government, while simultaneously having a positive effect on the levels of public participation in a country.

Addressing the press, Obidike urged Nigerians to utilise the electoral opportunity to elect men of integrity and uprightness into respective positions of authority.

“Politicians seeking votes have indulged in an unfair manipulation of the voting public, disenfranchisement of registered voters, intimidation, vote buying and printing of ballot papers that mislead voters among other things.

“Voter inducement is the highest form of electoral corruption. We need to educate ourselves and possess the will to detest from being induced with money, food from wicked and underperforming politicians and their agents. If we come across such people, we must have the ability to isolate them.

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“We must develop the spirituality and inner strength to do the right thing, which is to totally reject bribes. Corruption will not happen if there are neither takers nor givers and there is no such thing as a small or a big bribe. A bribe is a bribe. Bribing spells corruption and everyone must say no to it.

“In Nigeria, calls for stiffer penalties for electoral fraud and malpractices have led to 2010 Electoral Law Reforms which have established INEC Electoral Tribunal to try and imprison violators and perpetrators of electoral fraud in Nigeria. This is what has worked in other climes to stabilize democratic governance for development. It is therefore a combination of both prevention and deterrence strategies that could reduce the incidence.

“We cannot comfortably function effectively without reenacting our existing laws to provide stiffer punishment for economic crimes offender.

“The time to vote out corrupt leaders is now. The principle of lootocracy and greedocracy has been entrenched into the fabrics of our national life. The looters are been honored with traditional titles thus setting negative precedents for the younger generation.

“As Edo and Ondo states governorship elections draw closer, I advise citizens of these states to eschew corrupt tendencies, resist wicked politicians and remain law abiding in order to have the best and most competent persons in government. I therefore, insists that if the people cooperate with agencies of government and stand against corrupt electoral practices, good governance will not elude them.

“The time to stop them is now. The time to enlist patriotic young lads who will fulminate against corrupt tendencies and looters who have eaten deep into our national lives.”



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