Kaduna: Religious leaders caution against castration for rapists

…It appears barbaric’- Hayab

…Islam does not prescribe castration’- Maraya

…as KSHA insists rapist’s organ be surgically removed

Religious leaders Caution against Castration for RapistsAn illustration of a rape incident.

By Ibrahim HassanWuyo

As the Kaduna State House of Assembly, KSHA, has approved castration as punishment for anybody convicted for rape in the state, the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in Kaduna, Rev, John Joseph Hayab has said that castration as punishment for such crime might present humans as barbaric.

Similarly, Kaduna based Islamic scholar, Sheihk Haliru Maraya said the religion of Islam does not prescribe castration as punishment for rape.

According to Rev. Hayab,” the evil rapist are doing is inhuman and condemnable by all reasonable human beings. The punishment of castration may make us also present ourselves as barbaric. Nigeria and Kaduna state are part of a global family where a certain way of punishments are considered to be against human dignity, though the crime of rape is serious our approach to discipline and correction should be with good understanding.”

“I wish our legislators will suggest such punishment for those who are stealing Nigeria’s commonwealth. I will therefore wish to appeal to KDSHA to think of a more appropriate punishment that meets international and human standard,” he said.

Earlier, the Kaduna State House of Assembly approved castration as punishment for anybody convicted for rape in the state.

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This House also okayed 21-year jail term and life imprisonment for rapists of adults and minors respectively.

This followed the amendment of the State Penal Code (No.5), law of 2017 which stipulated stiffer penalties for rapists in the state as part of the effort to protect women and children against any form of gender violence.

Musa Ahmed, spokesperson of the House, told journalists in Kaduna on Friday.

that “with the new law, anyone convicted of rape will have his organ surgically removed so that even upon completion of his jail term, he will not be able to commit the crime again.”

“In addition to the castration of the convicted rapist, the new law recommends 21 years imprisonment for the rape of an adult and life imprisonment for the rape of a minor,” he said.

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