Ogun takes step against poor handling of industrial waste

Ogun takes step against poor handling of industrial waste

James Ogunnaike – Abeokuta

Ogun State government has said that the newly passed Ogun State Waste Management Law 2020 will put an end to poor handling of industrial wastes which have been identified as a major source of hazardous waste contamination in the state as well as unregulated waste trading among industries.

The Special Adviser to Governor Dapo Abiodun on Environment and Waste Management, Mr Ola Oresanya disclosed this while addressing the virtual general meeting of the Ogun State chapter of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)

Oresanya said the law has equally made it an offense for industries or producers to trade in discarded or industrial used materials to save people from the problem of contamination and other health hazards.

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He noted that only waste collection companies accredited by the newly-established Ogun State Waste Management Authority (OGWAMA) will now be saddled with such responsibility.

The Special Adviser also let it out that Industries and Producers must now provide information on the characteristic of industrial waste, ensure proper storage of wastes within their premises, comply with the principle of duty of care on the environment prior to collection of discarded materials by designated collectors and maintain regular interaction with OGWAMA Client Service Managers on a first responder transaction level.

Mr Oresanya added that the state government through the waste management authority, OGWAMA will provide an indemnity clause for the protection of discarded materials for industries or producers, prevent flight-tripping and scrapping to protect the brand names and labels, issue regular environmental reports as required and develop reasonable tariff in response to prevailing market prices.

He, therefore, called on the industries and producers through their association to cooperate with the state government as the newly passed law is centred on the principle of circular economy which will encourage responsible industrial production by reducing, reusing, and recycling of materials generated during the production life cycle as well as promoting best practices in industrial waste management.



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