Queeneth Beddie-memberr: Nigerian expert setting pace in beauty business, owner Lashi skincare

Queeneth Beddie-memberr

Nigeria has continued to produce young entrepreneurs from every sector of the country. One niche that’s gradually gaining reputation for its impact in society is the beauty industry.

Queeneth Wenike Beddie-memberr is among the game changers who have perfected their craft in the area of skincare with her brand, Lashi skincare soaring to the top in the industry.

The economist-turned-entrepreneur was inspired to establish Lashi skincare in 2014 owing to her inability to secure a well-paying job that matched her qualifications.

Her desire to be financially independent and passion for skincare also inspired her to set up the business.

After completing her first degree from University of Calabar, Queeneth took up training and a second degree in a beauty course from an India-based institute to enhance her skills.

“I have always wanted to be independent, so centring on my love for the art of beauty, I decided to attend beauty care training institute in India,” she says.

Queeneth says her initial start-up capital was from her savings. “My initial start-up capital was from my savings— my monthly stipend during my first-degree program,” she says.

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Since its establishment, Lashi skincare has emerged as one of the leading beauty brand in Nigeria.

“Since the launch of my business in 2014, it has grown tremendously,” Queeneth says.

“From taking orders from only family and friends, I now service over 200 orders monthly online, aside from when I ran promotions, the number increase massively into hundreds, and our both stores in Port Harcourt record over 200 hundred each monthly, I have trained over 500 people and motivated some to start their businesses,” the young entrepreneur says.

Lashi skincare has luxury collections of skincare products made from a variety of quality hypoallergenic plant extracts, rich in vitamins and minerals that gives a gorgeous look and promote skin health with a classic fragrance that soothes today’s fashion.

Rooted in Port Harcourt, Lashi skincare has gained reputation across states in Nigeria and have shipped her products to over 30 countries since its inception.

Its exceptional service and product make them one of the most-sought-after Nigerian beauty brands.

On her advice to other entrepreneurs, she says, “Have solid business plans, prepare for financial challenges, be frugal, remember you are a start-up and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

“Build a team that shares the same vision as you. The structure is the most important aspect of your business. Challenge yourself, take the risk, have a vision, know your customer, learn from complaints and ask for feedback,” she advises.



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