US-based Music Publishing Company, Vuga Music Inc expands frontiers to Nigeria

US-based Music Publishing Company, Vuga Music Inc expands frontiers to Nigeria

Despite the numerous copyright laws put in place, the issue of copyright infringement has been a nightmare for content providers and musicians in many parts of the world and the Nigerian music industry is not left out of this ordeal.

Poised with finding solutions to this menace, Vuga Music Inc, a US-based music publishing company has expanded its frontiers to the Nigerian music industry.

Vuga Music Inc is music streaming platform, label administration, data maintenance, and royalty collection service focused on the global collection of unpaid revenue from digital streaming services and monetization of TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Triller and anywhere else artists’ music are being used.

They are affiliated with all major music organizations in the United States in terms of royalties collections and also specializes in getting content they represent used in movies, commercials and all sync opportunities. Furthermore, they get music copyrighted with the United States Library of Congress to ensure an additional layer of protection to various genres of music.

Vuga also gets songs correctly administered, audio fingerprinted and submitted to Gracenote, TiVo, MediaNet, Audible Magic, ACRCloud, Quantone, AcoustID, Exactuals – RAI, and Crunch Digital. They offer a standard 30% / 70% rate on all publishing royalties (30% to Vuga and 70% to the artist respectively).

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