US reviews ban on migrant visa, as Nigeria meets 90% requirement

BY Victoria Ojeme and Alice Ekpang

United States America has disclosed that it will reconsidered its ban on some categories of Migrant Visas on Nigeria.

Amb. Mustapha Sulaiman, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the disclosure while briefing newsmen at the end of the inaugural meeting of the U.S/Nigeria Forum on Wednesday in Abuja.

According to Sulaiman, the Forum would serve as a platform where both countries can progressively improve on bilateral relations and address concerns for the benefit of citizens.

Sulaiman said that Nigeria have accomplished almost 90 per cent of the requirements by the U.S government which led to the ban on some categories of migrant visas which was imposed on the country in January.

He said the Nigerian government has put a lot of efforts in meeting the requirements which was why the U.S government is re-evaluating the country.

“We have accomplished so much within a very difficult year, but essentially we want to acknowledge and put on record Nigeria’s response to the concerns by the United States government in respect of the immigrant visa restriction that was imposed on Nigerians.

“I want to say that we appreciate the acknowledgement and the commendations from the United States government in respect of this response.

“From the assessment of the recipient of our response, I think we have accomplished almost 90 per cent of the requirements that has been established in that regard.

“And I am sure that if you follow the information that has been passed on the level of compliance, for instance sharing of information, we have done so much in that regard.

“That is why I believe the U.S government is having the comfort to even re-evaluate otherwise, we wouldn’t have been candidates for re-evaluation.

“If we have to rate ourselves, from what has been done so far, we should be about 90 per cent complaint.

“The consular forum was agreed on earlier in the year during the Bi- National Commission of the United States and Nigeria which was held in Washington January, February and that agreement is what is coming to push now.

“We have just had the maiden consular forum meeting today and I want to put it on record that it has been a very successful meeting with various issues that were discussed,” Sulaiman said.

Sulaiman commended all stakeholders that have worked towards Nigeria earning the commendations and the need for a re-evaluation especially the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) and the U.S Embassy in Nigeria.

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Also speaking, U.S Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard commended Nigeria on the progress made in information sharing and other concerns raised by the U.S government which led to the ban.

Leonard explained that the Presidential Proclamation enjoins the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State to prepare a report addressing the measures that have been taken which is then submitted to the White House for reevaluation.

She said that contrary to reports, the ban Presidential Proclamation did not mean that no Nigerian could ever enter into the U.S .

She said fortunately the Bi-national commission meeting was held at about the same time of the proclamation which allowed Nigeria’s Foreign Minister and the U.S Secretary of State make public statements on what it entailed.

“I have to congratulate Nigeria on its progress on greater information sharing with the United States, which is croak of a lot of issues dealt with in these Presidential proclamations.

“We have reviewed the Federal Government’s report on information sharing and we are inspired by the strides that Nigeria has made to improve access to stolen and lost travel documents.

“And in particularly, encouraged by the Sept. 7 announcement that the U.S provided interpol router is successfully connected to Nigeria’s Immigration Service and National center bureau in Abuja.

“Washington is extremely pleased about that development in particular,” Leonard said.

On the imposition of visa restriction to those who undermine electoral process, Leonard said the U.S takes it very seriously as the integrity of electoral processes to the fundamental trust of compact between a citizen and their government.



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