We were robbed of our rights long time ago ― Sowore

We've been robbed of our rights long time ago ― SoworeOmoyele Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, former presidential candidate speaks on The Role of Nigerian Youths in the struggle towards a better Nigeria.

The session was moderated by Comr Bello Olarenwaju, OAU LSS president, under the conveyance and leadership of Comrade Solomon Richard, the founder Voice of the Youth Movement and Comr Oyeniyi Michael, vice president VOYM.

Mr Omoyele Sowore objurgated the poor administration and situation of the country, deploring what he described as ‘a Wicked Problem’ which has adversely dragged the country to the state of underdevelopment.

This was made known during a webinar on the liberation of the youths which was titled; “The Role of Nigerian Youths in the struggle towards a better Nigeria” and fully organised by Voice of the Youth Movement.

Sowore complimented his cogitations by analysing that a wicked problem is not necessarily evil, but something that is resistance to solution saying “We have been robbed of our rights a long time ago and the country could be rightly described as an arbitrary state.”

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Sowore advised the youths to shun misplaced priorities and set a standard for themselves that would enable them to gain their ground in society. He declared that he loves a popular Nigeria Artiste, Naira Marley, but his songs aren’t his own priority like most of the youths’, stating it clearly that Naira Marley is not the solution, gearing all the youths to be awakened because when poverty reaches a certain stage, no youth would have time to follow or stream any artiste’s album.

He further disclosed that he does not believe in the Nigeria Judiciary because of their irresistible conspiracy, stating variously different scenarios to back up his stand by citing his own encounters as a case study.

He, therefore, enjoined the Nigerian youths to partake in every effort of nation-building explicating that nation-building is a concerted effort and a one that worth deploying every sane apparatus to maintain.

The Public Relations Officer of the Movement, Comrade Salman Fawaz, expressed that it’s an act of humility from the part of the invited guest speaker, Mr Omoyele Sowore to have honoured the invitation of the Youth Movement and that if most of the awakened youths could join Mr Sowore in awakening others Nigeria would become a better place for everyone to live in.

Founder of Voice of the Youth Movement, Comr Soloman Richard, corroborated that the online session was held, in a bid to further advocate, emancipate, and liberate the youths by giving enlightenment to all the youths about their roles towards a better Nigeria, improving their level of understanding on leadership, and enhancing their ultimate spirit of patriotism.



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