Footballer assaulted after rejecting woman’s sexual advances in Dubai

A woman had been charged at the Court of First Instance for allegedly assaulting and robbing a Nigerian expat after he rejected her sexual advances on the street.

Public prosecution records show that the 33-year-old woman, an African working as a saleswoman, approached the complainant – a footballer – and offered him massage with sex for money. Shortly after he rejected her offer, he was taken by surprise when she pushed him while her friends – all fugitives – stepped in to assault him by biting and beating him up.

pushed him while her friends – all fugitives – stepped in to assault him by biting and beating him up.

They fled the scene after snatching his gold necklace, an expensive watch, wallet with cash, driving licence and car registration. The accused has been charged with forcible robbery on the street, working in prostitution and inciting vice.

The incident took place on February 25 and was reported at Naif police station. She has been placed in detention.

The 26-year-old footballer said the incident happened at 7pm as he was walking to his car near the police station. “She approached me offering massage with sex. I told her that I am not interested and she got angry and pushed me for no reason.”

He recounted to the prosecutor how he was then assaulted and robbed by other women who were with the defendant. “One of the women snatched my gold necklace (worth about Dh2,500). Another accomplice tried to take my mobile phone and it fell down. When I tried to pick it up she bit me. Their friend stole my wallet in which there was Dh3,715. They also took my watch worth ?300,” he recalled.

Out of shock, the complainant ran away and sought the help of a friend. When he returned to the scene, he found the main accused there. He restrained her and took her to the police station.

After getting medically checked up at the hospital, the footballer went to the police station to testify. He said that the place was a lit street and it was then crowded. “I was left with a left arm injury because of the bite,” he told the investigator.

A police lieutenant said the victim brought the defendant to the police station after 7pm on the incident day. “He said he was assaulted and robbed of his valuables as he walked in Freej Eyal Nasser. The accused was then apprehended.”


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